Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate (for Windows & Mac)

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is One stop Video Converter, it can convert both Standard-Definition and High-Definition formats to the most popular video formats. Now it introduces the APEXTRANS technology that is 30 times faster and provides no quality loss.Want to purchase the great software but feel a bit dear? Thankfully, get the discount code below, you’ll save plenty.

Wondershare Video Converter


1. I had about 800 videos that I converted to AVI and MP4 format to install on a 3tb hard drive. The whole process was greatly improved by Wondershare Viseo Converter Ultimate.

2. easy and quick conversions and output to disc. Excellent

3. I frequently use the software to convert music & video files between popular formats. It is wonderfully easy & fast. One point i want to mention is that there is sometimes a read error when it converts and this would be a less check on the read data. Anyway, it’s good.

4. I use this to put all my 90’s Sit-Coms on my computer, then on my Nook Tablet to watch on-the-go, and it is fast and just amazing! It has made it easy for me to carry my beloved memories I have attached to Episodes I can now watch on the go–Thanks to “Wondershare”!! Thanks A Billion for all the hard work into the best quality video converter you can buy!!

5. This software is amazing. I normally stay away from flashy websites but this software is really great and user-friendly. All 5 stars from me guys.

6. Now only got the free upgraded above version and registered it many changes are there and going to test. But altogether I am always satisfied with this wonderful wondershare. Thanks for the upgradation. kumar Srinivas photo/video journalist India, TamilNadu, Chennai city.

7. This is the true ultimate media enjoyment that I was looking through the Internet. It should be a one-stop solution to all my needs on enjoying media with my device: download youtube video, convert DVD, convert all videos and audios, I want to share my cheers with all of you guys.