Android file transfer for Windows – The best way to move files from Android phone to Pc

The more integrated smartphones become with our daily lives, the, even more, we have the tendency to save files on them. We save everything, just like from pictures, music, and films to documents, PDFs, and a plethora of other content. It commonly strikes me that it is so crucial and necessary to have a fast way to get a single file saved on my android phone moved to my pc.Some people may use Android file transfer, however, it only supports Mac computer and it does not work well. So how to transfer files from my Android mobile to a Windows computer? right here you can attempt a best Android file transfer for Windows – MobileGo for Android. This qualified Android manager allows you to transfer apps, contacts, music, videos, and photos from Android to Windows computer easily and conveniently.


If you are a Mac user and found the Android File Transfer (Mac) is suck, you can download the Android File Transfer (Mac) alternative here.
Following the simple guide will take you to get this done
Step 1. Connect your Android mobile to the computer

Make a connection between Android and then pc by a USB cable or Wi-Fi. This Android manager will recognize phone instantly. And your mobile will show in the main window.
Step 2. Start to transfer data from Android to PC

In the left-hand column, respectively hit “Music”/”Videos”/”Photos” to display the music/video/photo window. In the matching window, choose your needed songs/videos/photos. Click on “Export” and then browse your pc till spot a place to store the exported songs/videos/photos. After that, save these data.

To move contacts from Android to the computer, click on “Contacts”. In the contact window, select the contacts you wish to move. Then, click on “Import/Export”) “Export selected contacts to computer” or “Export all contacts to computer”. In the pull-down list, choose “to vCard file”.
Notice: You can also transfer contacts from Galaxy to Outlook, Windows Address Book, Windows Live Mail.


To move SMS from Android to the pc, you can click “SMS”. After selecting your needed SMS, you must hit “Import/Export”) “Export selected SMS to computer” or “Export all SMS to computer”. Navigate to the location where the SMS will be conserved. Then, move the SMS to it in. txt or. XML format.

By clicking on “Apps”, you go to the app window. Select the apps you want to transfer. After that, click “Export” to save the apps to your pc.
Extremely simple and clear, isn’t it?