Simple method to Export Contacts from Nokia to Android

Contacts is an essential data in our daily life. After you purchase a new smartphone, the 1st essential thing will be to copy the contacts from your old device to the new mobile.

This Tutorial enables you to learn the way to export the contacts from your old Nokia cellphone to a new Android phone with a great Mobile phone transfer software- MobileTrans. It is a simple but effective mobile transfer tool to transfer contacts from Nokia to Android. You just need one click, then your whole contacts can be on your Android phone. Furthermore, you’ll be able to copy text messages, audio, films, photos, and so forth to Android cellphone too.


Read and follow the quick steps below:

mobiletran homepage

1. Start the software and connect the two mobile phones to pc via USB cables. Once connected, these two devices will be shown in the places of “Source” and “Destination”. The contacts will be copied from the source phone to the destination device. click “Flip” tab to change the locations of the two devices.

2. Choose the “Contacts” button or other contents you would like to transfer. Then click “Start Copy” button to copy files to from Nokia to Android phone.

If you select the “Clear data before copy”, the contents of the Android device will be removed. So be careful to check it. All of the chosen items will be copied in a few minutes.

Note: This good application can transfer contents between all Android, iOS and Symbian phones.